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In the Beginning..

J. W. Burns

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The British Columbia Classics

Sasquatch Country


Date Location Witness Incident
Summer 1965 Clio Bay nr Kitimat Group of men Saw Bigfoot on rock beside sea; walked away upright.
Autumn 1965 Nr Harrison Mills Man Saw female Bigfoot in brush near road.
Nov. 1965 Green Bay, nr Bells Coola Jimny Nelson Watched Bigfoot cross loggers' 'slash' in 10 min; witness took 2 hours to cross the same area.
21 July 1966 Richmond, Lulu Is John Osborne Big hairy man 6 ft 8 ins to 7 ft tall' seen in woods.
21 July 1966 Richmond, Lulu Is. Darlene Leaf Saw head and shoulders of Bigfoot above 6-ft raspberry bushes at night.
22 July 1966 Nr Fraser River, Richmond, Lulu Is John McKernan In car, saw Bigfoot cross dirt road.
July 1966 Nr White Rock Mr. Letoul Saw light Bigfoot come up to his house in the moonlight; it 'fooled around'.
July 1966 Richmond, Lulu Is. /FONT> Don Gilmore 'A big woolly animal' stampeded about 100 cattle.
Feb. 1967 Hartley Bay 2 men Saw Bigfoot on an island and shot at it; it screamed.
Feb. 1968 Broughton Is Tom Brown & Harry Whonnock While digging clams, were watched by 6-ft Bigfoot.
27 June 1968 Salmon Arm Inlet Gordon Baum Saw 5-ft, black-haired Bigfoot leap over pile of logs; 'He was gone in two seconds'.
Mid-Aug. 1968 Nr Stewart BC 2 hunters Bigfoot over 7 ft tall with short neck, flat nose and long arms, ran up hillside at dusk.
14 Sept. 1968 Nr Chetwynd Eddie Barnett & another game guide Saw Bigfoot.
Late Feb. 1969 Khutze Inlet Ronnie Nyce & 2 other men Shot at Bigfoot which ran screaming into woods.
18 May 1969 Nr Merritt David Ludlam & army cadets Witnesses saw hairy 10-ft Bigfoot near their camp, by day and night.
June 1969 Mamquam Gordon Ferrier Saw hairy biped with bushy tail; 3-toed tracks found later.
25 Oct. 1969 Nr Anahim Lake Pan Phillips Game guide watched brown Bigfoot through telescopic sight for 10 mins; it sat by snowhole (apparently its home) at edge of glacier at 6,000 ft.

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