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In the Beginning..

J. W. Burns

Rene Dahinden

Bob Titmus

John Green

The British Columbia Classics

Sasquatch Country


Date Location Witness Incident
Late 1950s Nr New Hazleton Man Bigfoot crossed road in front of witness's car.
Feb. 1960 Price Is Joe Hopkins While digging clams, saw small Bigfoot walk up beach and into trees.
Winter, c.1960 Watson Bay, Roderick Is Timothy Robinson & Samson Duncan Shot at small Bigfoot on beach and found blood on snow where it had been, but were afraid to follow the creature.
Oct. 1961 Kokanee Glacier Park John Bringsli Bigfoot hunter saw apelike creature on trail at night.
1961 Nr Moricetown Couple Sitting at breakfast, watched black, 8-ft Bigfoot walk across field and road.
April 1962 Bella Coola Woman & 2 children Saw female Bigfoot holding youngster by hand, on Bella Coola River bank; others saw Bigfoot in village at night.
July 1962 Stoney Lake nr Hixon Alex Lindstrom While on lake saw heavy, light-gray, 8-ft Bigfoot on shore; it left quickly as he approached.
7 Aug. 1962 Lemon Creek nr Nelson John Bringsli Woodsman and hunter, picking huckleberries, suddenly saw 7-9-ft Bigfoot with 4-in gray-blue body hair walking slowly towards him. It seemed curious. At 40 ft, witness sprinted for his car and drove away.
Aug. 1962 Nr Hixon Woman Saw 7-ft black Bigfoot walking along creek towards her; it jumped into bush on seeing her.
Late Aug. 1962 Between Quesnel & Prince George Mrs. Calhoun Bigfoot seen in woods, 10 yds away.
Oct. 1962 Vedder Crossing, Chilliwack Joe Gregg Bus driver off duty saw Bigfoot crossed road in front of car at night.
1963 Goose Point, nr Anahim Lake Harry Squiness Hairy monkey face looked into tent; four Bigfeet at edge of camp walked into forest.
1963 Nr Bells Bella Jack Wilson Saw Bigfoot on island shore.
4 July 1964 Nr Cultus Lake, nr Chilliwack 2 youths Saw 2 7-ft shaggy white Bigfoot beside road at 2:30 am.
31 May 1965 Nicomen Is. nr Mission Mrs. Seraphine Jasper aw tall, black Bigfoot in field in daytime; cows stared at it.
28 June 1965 Pitt Lake, 25 miles N-E of Vancouver Two Prospectors Found Bigfoot tracks; later realized they were being watched. Sketched Bigfoot before it walked off.
July 1965 Nr Butedale Jack Taylor Man fishing saw 2 Bigfeet on shore and another in the water Swimming strongly.

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