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In the Beginning..

J. W. Burns

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The British Columbia Classics

Sasquatch Country


Date Location Witness Incident
1864 Fraser River canyon Alexander Caulfield Anderson .Fur trader and party attacked by 'hairy humanoids' which threw rocks at them.
1871 Harrison River area Amerindian woman Kidnapped by Bigfoot.
June or July 1884 20 miles from Yale
Hairy 'half man, half beast', nicknamed Jacko, 4 ft 7 in tall and weighing 127 lb, captured.
1901 Campbell River area of Vancouver Is. Mike King Saw 'man-beast' washing roots in water and placing them in neat piles.
Dec. 1904 Nr Horne Lake, Vancouver Is. A.R. Crump, J. Kincaid, T. Hutchins, W. Buss Hunters in uninhabited area saw young, hairy 'wild man' with 'long matted hair and a beard' who ran off at speed through impenetrable undergrowth; had also been seen by others in past few years.
March 1907 Bishop's Cove, Vancouver Is. Indians Villagers scared by hairy 'monkey' which dug clams and howled on beach at night.
May c.1909 Nr Chehalis Indian reserve Peter Williams Bigfoot chased witness home and then pushed against walls of wooden house.
1915 Cougar Lake nr Holy Cross Mtns Charles Flood, Donald McRae, Green Hicks Prospectors watched Bigfoot eating berries.
Summer 1924 Nr head of Toba Inlet Albert Ostman Camper kidnapped and kept prisoner by Bigfoot.
Sept. 1927 Agassiz Indian named Point & Adaline August While walking on railroad track, saw Bigfoot coming towards them.
1928 Conuma River, Vancouver Is Muchalat Harry Indian kidnapped and kept prisoner by Bigfeet.
1928 South Bentinck Arm, nr Bella Coola George Talleo While trapping, saw and shot at Bigfoot, which fell; witness did not stay. Earlier had found excrement covered by moss.
1930 Kwaltwa Kitasu Bay, Swindle Is Tom Brown Bigfoot seen in shallows at night; screamed when shot at, but no body to be found next day
1933 Head of Pitt Lake 2 men Saw Bigfoot through field glasses, eating berries.
March 1934 Chehalis Indian reserve nr Harrison River Frank Dan 'Hairy giant' seen by Indian near his home.
July 1936 Morris Creek nr Harrison River Frank Dan Bigfoot threw rocks at witness's canoe.
1937 Nr Bridesville Mrs. Jane Patterson Saw Bigfoot sitting in abandoned garden.

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