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Harrison Hot Springs ( and the Harrison Hot Springs Resort ] sit snugly at the southern end of Harrison Lake which is the backdrop to a number of frightful alleged encounters!! As many of you may know, Harrison Hot Springs has been home, at one time or another to the top names in Sasquatch Research. Rene Dahinden lived there for a time running his own guide service to help finance his research. The amazing Bob Titmus lived and died in this town. Today the writer/researcher John Green still calls this breeze swept town his home!

During summer months this Miracle Mile is jammed with locals and visitors by the hundreds! And in the late summer you can enjoy the International Sand Building Competition! ( Pictures to come! )

Here you can see busy operations to dredge out the lagoon to make this year's competition the best ever!

It is the perfect place to visit on a hot summer's eve. But be warned! The wind blowing down that massive lake has quite an edge to is in the late fall and winter!

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John Green

Thomas Steenburg

Chris Murphy

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